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Due to some late donations, our final total for Aunty 3 is actually $7,177.79!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Aunty has broken $7K! Thank you to everyone who contributed, with special thanks to that last donor, who didn’t get thanks the first time around.

What makes this even more special for those of us behind the scenes is that back in our first year, Aunty Paladin originally started with a seemingly pie-in-the-sky goal of $3.5K for the entire week. (Oh how much we underestimated you guys that year!) We have now managed to double that!

Aunty’s Little Helpers

Tomas, Troy, and Jin

Nick, Adam, and Kamen

by Magistrar

The End of Aunty 3

Aunty 2013 is now over. You donated $6,927.79 to buy toys for children in hospitals, beating last year by over $200!

Thank you for all of the wonderful fan art! Feel free to Ask Aunty Anything throughout the year.

Mutant Chuckles, by Falc

Necrohazard, by Magistrar

Who Will Rutskarn-Senpai Notice Today?

Sailor Azathoth, by Magistrar

The Mechs of Vesna Thaw

Baba Russia, Kamen’s Mech

Central Communist Collective Puffer, Astrid’s Mech

Chinggis Admiral, Tomas’ Mech

Red Octoroket, Clockwork’s Mech

The Fortress of Union, Evan’s Mech

Bonus Game!

Now that the end is in sight, we decided on the bonus game for this year. If you guys beat last year’s total of $6702.78 by at least one hundred dollars, we will run a bonus game at midnight after normal Aunty ends, chronicling the new lineup of the band Necrohazard as they go on their greatest adventure yet.


Return to the Tomb of Horrors, by Bokros the Almighty


Ingvar Bjorstad, by Masgistrar


Kamen No Boba, by Magistrar

Apologies, but we have had to move Aunty’s Revenge to Friday. Evan needs to show up with the game, and we wouldn’t dare run it without Jin present.There was only one slot left that satisfied that requirement: the final time slot of the marathon. The new schedule is now posted. —>

by SpammyV

Kobold Maid, by Magistrar